Work from passion

MvM Horses is being runned by Matthijs and Sandra van Middelkoop.
Matthijs was born in Spankeren, Gelderland, where he was caught by the virus called "horses" when he was a little boy. He went on his bike through the neighborhood to train ponies. After he got his bachelor's degree in business administration, he worked for two years for his current neighbors, The Havikerwaard. Afterwards, Matthijs worked for a long period of time for Aris van Manen. During this educational period of time, Matthijs took part of many successful approval accomplishments and built up an extended network.

As a little girl, Sandra was often to be found at the stud of her grandfather, Stal Nieuwmoed in Vorden. She helped with the training of mainly ponies for stallion shows and rode many approved stallions in shows and performance tests.

Werk vanuit passie

Success stories

Several mares, trained by us, achieved excellent results at national studbook approvals!

Six national champions were and two reserve champions were trained by us.

Several foal champions were prepared by us!

Six foals came home with the title, and two foals with the reserve title, all trained by MvM horses.

MvM Horses trained several approved stallions!

Several stallions, trained by MvM Horses, are approved for breeding. In Holland around 15 stallions get approved each year out of 700 registrations.

Fokkerij en merriebegeleiding

Breeding and reproductive services

Due to our passion for breeding, we closely follow the developments in breeding, sport and auctions. We use this knowledge to advise the breeder in choosing the right sire for his mare. Although we are convinced about the qualities of the stallions in our stable, we will advise different stallions when we think they are a better match.

Equine Reproductive Veterinary Services

We work closely together with dr. Maaike Lautenschutz - Soethout, concerning equine reproductive veterinary services and embryo transplantation. Our intensive cooperation and close interaction, brings along the following benefits for you as a client:

Less shipping costs
Less stable costs
Good ET results
High pregnancy rate

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