"Due to the spacious set up of our company, the horses get comfortable rapidly"

Our stable is located at the Havikerwaard 18 in De Steeg. At this beautiful location, along the river the IJssel, we are able to train horses in all tranquility. We are in possession of 42 boxes, a spacious indoor, a large outdoor (75 x 75), several sand paddocks, 6 grooming places, a lunging arena, a walker and 4 hectares of fields. We are able to use the racetrack and the breeding department including the laboratory from our neighbours (The Havikerwaard).

Situated on a beautiful location along the IJssel

An accommodation were we can work in all tranquility with the horses.

Good access to Düsseldorf, Bruxelles and Amsterdam

Only minutes away from the A12 and traffic hub Velperbroek.

Spacious indoor and outdoor

Both in- and outdoor consist of a high-quality footing which reduces the risk on injuries.

Enough space for a practice course in our 75 x 75 outdoor arena

During spring, we build a beautiful course with professional fences.


The horses will reach their minimum number of steps on a daily basis, in our safe and spacious walker.

Grooming places

After a hard training they won't have to wait long for a warm shower, as there are 2 washing places and 4 tacking-up places available.

Lunging arena

The indoor lunging arena consists of an excellent footing in order for us to train your horse properly and in a safe way.


At the beautiful racetrack of our neighbours, we are able to canter the horses straight ahead. This helps to keep them happy, as well as it does for us.

42 boxes

The stables are spacious and light which makes the horses feel comfortable quickly.

4 hectares of field

There is nothing nicer for the horses then to graze in the field for a few hours after hard work.

Wij zijn Matthijs en Sandra van Middelkoop

We are Matthijs and Sandra van Middelkoop

Together we run MvM Horses. Matthijs was caught by the horse virus as a little boy and Sandra is from a well-known horse family from the "Achterhoek".

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