Successful approval at MvM Horses.
28-05-2021 Eveline Oosterveld

Successful approval at MvM Horses.

At the 28th of May 2021, a stable inspection of the KWPN took place on our yard.
Multiple mares earned a promotion and Noemira (by Henkie, breeders J. van den Berg and A. Zevalkink, Eefde and in ownership of K. Mertens, Kontich) got an invitation for the National Championships. She scored no less then two times 85 points and was the highlight of the day. A total of 6 dressage mares earned a ster predicate.

No less than 5 jumping mares earned their ster predicate. The 16 years old Billy (by Clinton x Manhattan, breeder H.R.J. Mentink Zelhem, in ownership of C.J. van der Heijden) earned also a ster predicate. Just like the two 1.30 horses Chinook-Cinea-Go (Argentinus x Voltaire) in ownership by G.A.J. Koeman, Ommeren and Holine (Phin Phin x Corland) in ownership of Stal de Kruishorst, Rheden.

We would like to congratulate the owners and breeders with the achieved results and thank them for their trust in our work!