Welcome to MvM Horses

At our premium facility in De Steeg, Gelderland, we train and prepare horses for studbook approvals, auctions, and sales. This could include breaking them in as well. In addition we run a stud with some very interesting stallions for your breeding program. Our goal is for the horse to exceed in its performance at the right moment, in the right way, so that this successful accomplishment can be celebrated with the breeder and/or owner!

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Welcome to MvM Horses

Situated at a beautiful location.

Our company has all the necessary facilities to train your horse as optimal as possible.

Located in De Steeg, only 10 min. from Arnhem

Centrally located in the country with good access to Düsseldorf, Bruxelles and Amsterdam.

Would you like your mare to be trained for her approval or performance test and breed with her as well?

We offer you the full package and many possibilities.

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Welcome to MvM Horses

Creating 'Happy Athletes' to ensure the maximum result!

To train a horse in the best possible way, all circumstances need to be optimal. A horse should be a ‘happy athlete’ to achieve its best performance. This starts with their teeth, which should be in good condition in order for the horse to digest its food properly and accept the bit more easily. The feet must be well maintained as well, so nothing obstructs the horses' movement. Furthermore, feeding high quality roughage and pellets contributes to their general condition, which needs to be excellent. When required, the horses are supplied with extra minerals and vitamins. In order to maintain a good balance between work and relaxation, we put the horses out frequently in paddocks or meadows.

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News from the Steeg

Here we will keep you informed about all activities, successes and other news concerning MvM Horses!

Five Star Mares at Studbook Inspection on Our Own Grounds! Five Star Mares at Studbook Inspection on Our Own Grounds!

02-07-2024 Last Friday, we had the pleasure of welcoming the KWPN to our facility...

Great Successes at the Gelderland Studbook Inspection! Great Successes at the Gelderland Studbook Inspection!

25-06-2024 .Yesterday, we had the opportunity to take the Gelderland mares to the...

Successful Studbook Inspection in De Steeg! Successful Studbook Inspection in De Steeg!

09-04-2024 On Friday, May 3rd, KWPN organized a studbook inspection on our premis...