Sir Sinclair

Sir Sinclair

Lord Sinclair I x Flemmingh

The "keur" stallion Sir Sinclair (bred by Monica Drohm) was only available for two seasons in Holland, but that was enough to show his capabilities as a sire. In the USA he competed at PSG/ Inter I level after winning many young horse competitions in his early years. He was praised for his character, three fantastic gaits and his talent to collect.

His father Lord Sinclair I (Lanciano x Raueck) competed at GP level and is the father of 1.60 jumpinghorses as well as GP dressagehorses. Mother Krishna was successfull at Z1 level and gave except Sir Sinclair another PSG/ Inter I horse, a ZZ and a Z2 dressagehorse. Behind her father Flemmingh we see the sires Le Mexico and Amor. The GP dressagehorse Ufo comes from this same damline.

Although the breeders could use him limited in Holland Sir Sinclair gave a lot of dressagehorses who performed above average. Striking are the characters, his offspring have great characters and are really willing to work. From a number of 364 registrated offspring the following horses compete at GP level; Zantes, Zatino H, Zuperman, Wester Storm, William and Warina. A total number of 139 horses compete in the sport of of which 30 at national level. Great figures and we are very proud to offer you frozen season of Sir Sinclair this season.


€ 1250,- max. 3 doses (1 dosis = 3 rietjes). € 400,- prijs per rietje. Prijzen excl. BTW en verzendkosten.

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