Lord Sandro DDH

Lord Sandro DDH

Lordanos x Sandro

After a stunning career Lord Sandro is enjoying a well-deserved retirement with our neighbours "The Havikerwaard". It is an opportune moment for you to invest in him as a stud, and despite his modest number of offspring we can conclude that he seems to pass on his qualities! Looking at his lineage that doesn’t really come as a surprise.

His father Lordanos (Landos x Ahorn Z) was for a long period of time very successful with the entire family Sosath. Bred from the famous Holsteiner damline 776, he delivered many Grand Prix horses, such as Lordana, La Vista, La Casino and Let’s Fly. No less then 160 of his offspring jumped 1.40 or higher, an unprecedented number.

On Lord Sandro’s mother’s side we see the blood of Sandro Z, Domino and Granit. His sister Saphira produced several good jumpers among which Long Life 6, successful at the 1.40 level. Further in his damline we see the 1.60 horse Golo. The Granit mare Geranie is also seen in the pedigree of the famous stallions Balou du Rouet, Balou du Reventon, Chatinue and Ballissimo, all four gaining success at the 1.50 level or higher. The 1.60 horses Cassius and Vertical Limit also find their heritage in this relatively small damline, which really is packed full of sport!

For a large part of his career, Lord Sandro was successful with Bart Bles. They achieved great results during CSI5* shows such as Hickstead, Helsinki, Verona and Oslo, and also defended the Dutch national flag several times. The elegant chestnut stallion always showed a lot of commitment, scope and technique during his performances.

A number of his small amount of offspring are now jumping at the international level and show the same fanatic, cooperative character as their father.

  • Kleur: Vos
  • Niveau: 1.60
  • Schofthoogte: 168 cm
  • Leeftijd: 20
  • Stamboom: KWPN Oldenburg OS
  • Predicaat:


€ 1.000,- exclusief BTW en verzendkosten

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